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Museum of Art

New Mexico Museum of Art Centennial Series

A multi-part series on the history of the New Mexico Museum of Art

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1: The Adobe Ambassador

The Curious Backstory of the New Mexico Museum of Art's Genesis . . . and Edifice
by Khristaan D. Villela

2: Its Own Beautiful Self

Manifesting Santa Fe Style from dreams, diagrams, and dust
By Christine Mather

3: Finding Their Niche

The New Mexico Museum of Art's early alcove shows drew waves
of artists to Santa Fe and defined it as a top US art
By Kate Nelson

4: Defining Moments

In 1919, a Native art show at Santa Fe's Museum of Art
just happened to revolutionize American modernism.
By Bess Murphy

5: Ages and Stages

The Museum of Art's Saint Francis Auditorium--
a sanctuary for the soul of Santa Fe--turns 100
By Lynn Cline

6: Positioning an Institution

Fine art's indirect journey to the heart of the New Mexico Museum of Art.
By Cody Hartley

7: A Fateful Commencement

One hundred years ago, five paintings in the New Mexico Museum of Art's
first exhibition challenged the world to think about New Mexico and its art.
The times may be different, but the challenge continues
By Joseph Traugott

8: They Came to Heal and Stayed to Paint

The Artists, Their Boss, and the Gallery
By Nancy Owen Lewis

9: A New Lease on Light

Take a peek behind the (busy) scenes of the Museum of Art's epic centennial renovation.
By Michelle Gallager Roberts

10: Back to the Future

100 years in, the Museum of Art is reinventing itself in a way
that echoes its earliest objective.
By Kate Nelson




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